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CMD Hacks

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Looking for CMD hacks? Here is list of top cmd (command prompt) hacks , that will teach you a lot new things about cmd!


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cmd hacks for hiding driveHow To Hide Any Drive Through Command Prompt

Have you ever thought of hiding any drive from your system so that no one can knew about it. You may have heard or even used a lot of software’s… Continue Reading..

cmd hacks for XPCMD Hacks: Open Command Prompt From Desired Folder In Windows XP

If you are using Windows 7 or Vista, you might have noticed Open command window here.  If you don’t know about it then hold down SHIFT button and… Continue Reading..

cmd hacks 2 (200 x 150)Best Alternative If Command Prompt Is Blocked

Most of the computers that have public access to people has Command Prompt blocked. This is for security reasons. Some time you  may want to view… Continue Reading..

cmd hacks for printing list of filesHow To Print Out A List Of All Files In A Folder

In this simple tutorial, I´ll show you how to print out a list of files in a folder. There is plenty of shareware programs which can do this, but I… Continue Reading..

cmd hacksCommand Prompt Hacks |How to hide partition

Here is an interesting command prompt hack .You can hide, assign, delete etc. disk partition in few steps. 1.Select Start , then Run , in Run… Continue Reading..


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